Wifi / Internet Access 2

Issue:Laptop and Hands

  • No access to Skype (or other software) either due to it being blocked or not having installation permissions

Possible solutions: 

  • Try running software from a USB drive rather than downloading to the hardware (if you have permission to use a USB drive)
  • Identify with IT the exact reason you cannot use it to make arguing your case easier
  • Identify if it is used elsewhere (e.g. by managers) and then make a case for why your department also needs access
  • Complete an incident/risk report stating that it was impossible to provide appropriate therapy (or AAC system) or the patient is at risk of isolation & depression without access or there has been a breach of information governance if the patient & clinician have had to access the software from elsewhere
  • Ask for an alternative equivalent software (e.g. Web EX instead of Skype). A lot of healthcare providers have their own video conferencing software which can be used throughout the Trust for meetings and patient contact
  • Find out if your healthcare provider uses the ‘Patient Knows Best’ system which incorporates Skype as one of its functions