About the Toolkit

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This Toolkit is the result of a collaborative project by members of the Computers in Therapy Clinical Excellence Network.

It aims to identify barriers to using technology as part of Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) and provides tips and solutions for overcoming these obstacles.  (All of the issues raised here have been experienced by our members and the wider Speech and Language Therapy community.  All of the solutions suggested have been tried and tested by our members or other clinical colleagues).

We hope you find the toolkit useful for identifying issues, solutions and potential risks when using technology with service users.  The information provided in this toolkit exclusively relates to service provider devices and not those purchased by individuals, over which clinicians have no jurisdiction.

The toolkit is designed to be used in conjunction with the RCSLT’s CQLive Apps overview:  https://www.rcslt.org/cq_live/resources_a_z/apps/overview

UK clinicians are reminded of their responsibility to adhere to the professional standards set out by the HCPC. Further details of these standards and guidance from the RCSLT can be found here:


Who are we?

The Computers in Therapy Clinical Excellence Network (CITCEN) is an affiliated network of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists. We run twice yearly meetings addressing topics regarding the use of computers in speech and language therapy.  We typically have a focus on adult therapy but paediatric SLTs are welcome too! Interested in attending our next event? Check our events page for details of the next meeting: CIT CEN Event Listing