App Purchases 2


  • How do you purchase apps without using a payment card?

Possible solutions:

  • Access app store through the healthcare provider’s corporate account & VPP account. This gives some protection if staff leave or device is stolen as the apps remain available in that account and can be transferred to different devices
  • Purchase a gift card such as iTunes or Google Play.



Contribution from Sally Morgan:

Can I add the issue of loans e.g. insurance required before equipment will be sent home on loan (trust decision after the theft of a device and the family had no home contents insurance). We researched insurance companies that will insure single devices and got round it that way, plus a loan agreement.


CITCEN reply:

Great idea Sally. We will aim to have more information on this subject on here by July 2018.

Anyone who has specific information to contribute to this, please comment below or send an email via the contact page.

App Purchases 1


  • Unable to download apps through App store – NHS guidelines suggest only apps with a CE mark can be used in practice. [Some trusts enforce this – others don’t]

Possible solutions:

  • Access app store through the healthcare provider’s corporate account & VPP account
  • Ask whether your IT department use Push/pull or MDM (mobile device management) solutions which your service can tap into
  • Complete an incident/datix report stating that it wasn’t possible to provide appropriate therapy or AAC system due to prevented access
  • Make a risk management complaint stating that the patient is at risk of isolation & depression without access to a particular app
  • Request exceptional allowances from IT
  • Argue that the app is used under clinical supervision and following advice and collaboration with peers nationwide (e.g. members of CitCen have recommended it)
  • Documents from the Royal College of Physicians and NHS app development guidelines (see page 25) give information describing what types of apps may not require a CE mark

[Note: Step-by-step is the only therapy software we have come across which has a CE certificate]