Contribution from Sally Morgan:

Can I add the issue of loans e.g. insurance required before equipment will be sent home on loan (trust decision after the theft of a device and the family had no home contents insurance). We researched insurance companies that will insure single devices and got round it that way, plus a loan agreement.


CITCEN reply:

Great idea Sally. We will aim to have more information on this subject on here by July 2018.

Anyone who has specific information to contribute to this, please comment below or send an email via the contact page.

Confidentiality & Tablet security


  • Personal photos & other confidential information stored on tablets

Potential solutions:

  • Disconnect the device from icloud so photos aren’t uploaded to the cloud and only remain on the device itself
  • Turn off geotagging so no-one can find out when/where photos were taken
  • Consult ICO (data protection) website for advice on managing personal data
  • Completely re-set the device after each loan so all personal data is deleted before the device is used by someone else
  • Ask the patient to complete a disclaimer