CITCEN Toolkit Website Launch


Find resources for using technology within speech and language therapy practice at our new, CITCEN Toolkit website.

Here are some lessons we’ve learnt at our Computers in Therapy Clinical Excellence Network.

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Even the most die-hard technology  fans amongst us within the Computers in Therapy Clinical Excellence Network (CIT CEN) have encountered challenges when trying to implement technological applications within our practice.  But, between us, we have also come up with a whole host of practical solutions to these challenges. We wanted to share these hard-won victories with other speech and language therapists so that they might find it easier to use technology in their practice. So, we’ve pooled our collective resources to create the CIT CEN toolkit website:

What’s on the website?

  • A searchable list of Solutions – generated by members who’ve addressed specific barriers within their own practice
  • A Downloads page – including details about managing iPads used for therapy, plus adaptable template forms for lending out equipment, recording and storing video data and for providing feedback to funders.
  • A list of practical Things to Consider when using technology in your practice
  • Suggestions for places to Find Funding
  • Details of Relevant Acts & Legislation

Plus more!

We hope the resource might help to equip speech and language therapists (SLTs) with the tools they need when they want to use technology in their practice.  If you are an SLT and are interested in using technology within your clinical practice, head over to and take a look! And if you like it, please share it with your SLT and non-SLT colleagues too.

Toolkit Tweets

Want to know more? We tweeted daily #CITCENToolkit treats throughout December 2017. Join the conversation or read the tweet treats by following us on Twitter @CITCEN or searching for the #CITCENToolkit hashtag.

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We hope you find the toolkit helpful. Tweet us or drop us a line via our Contacts page if you have any comments. We look forward to hearing what you think!

Abi Roper, Sarah Woodward and Shelagh Benford