App Purchases 1


  • Unable to download apps through App store – NHS guidelines suggest only apps with a CE mark can be used in practice. [Some trusts enforce this – others don’t]

Possible solutions:

  • Access app store through the healthcare provider’s corporate account & VPP account
  • Ask whether your IT department use Push/pull or MDM (mobile device management) solutions which your service can tap into
  • Complete an incident/datix report stating that it wasn’t possible to provide appropriate therapy or AAC system due to prevented access
  • Make a risk management complaint stating that the patient is at risk of isolation & depression without access to a particular app
  • Request exceptional allowances from IT
  • Argue that the app is used under clinical supervision and following advice and collaboration with peers nationwide (e.g. members of CitCen have recommended it)
  • Documents from the Royal College of Physicians and NHS app development guidelines (see page 25) give information describing what types of apps may not require a CE mark

[Note: Step-by-step is the only therapy software we have come across which has a CE certificate]

Confidentiality & Tablet security


  • Personal photos & other confidential information stored on tablets

Potential solutions:

  • Disconnect the device from icloud so photos aren’t uploaded to the cloud and only remain on the device itself
  • Turn off geotagging so no-one can find out when/where photos were taken
  • Consult ICO (data protection) website for advice on managing personal data
  • Completely re-set the device after each loan so all personal data is deleted before the device is used by someone else
  • Ask the patient to complete a disclaimer