Toolkit Authors


We would like to thank the following people and organisations for generously supporting this work by submitting their experiences and useful information & documentation for inclusion in the toolkit:

Kathryn Cann, Clinical Lead Communication, County Durham and Darlington NHS Trust & team (ipad guidelines, communication access features of the ipad, overcoming digital barriers)

Shelagh Benford (CitCen chair)

Abi Roper (CitCen chair)

Sarah Woodward (CitCen secretary)

Cat Proom (CitCen member)

Steve Naylor (CitCen member)

Gill Hardy (CitCen member)

Heather de la Croix (CitCen member)

Sophie Busk (CitCen member)

Jenny Short (CitCen member)

Sarah Gibbin (CitCen member)

Sam Cooper (CitCen member)

Chelsie Moore (CitCen member)

Ellen Saunders (CitCen member)