Where to find funding

Ideas for places to find funding and reports to provide to funders

Hospital or NHS funding:

  • Local Hospital League of friends
  • Hospital consultant’s research budget
  • SLT Budget? Check for underspend due to maternity/staff vacancy
  • Hospital charity
  • Ex-patient fundraisers
  • Hospital Trust – Capital Funding Bid
  • NHS Regional Innovation Fund
  • NHS technology fund (£1bn was made available to upgrade NHS networks nationwide)

Local groups:

  • Local golf club
  • Rotary Club / Lions
  • Radio Appeal


  • charitycommission.gov.uk – search for charities here
  • Stroke Association
  • MNDA
  • Tavistock Trust for aphasia – individual software funding
  • The Stammer Trust
  • SLT Trust Fund

Download forms to adapt for presentation to funders

Example Feedback Template for providing reports or presentations to funders Example of SLT Report – requesting additional funds for an Ipad
FeedbackPresentationforFunders ExampleSLTReportforFunders